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Reamers Mill

The Tekhnoprok company carries out production of the rocky reamer the Mill possessing replaceable tangential (rotary) cutters. Our prices are available, and quality of the presented equipment always at height!

This boring tool is widely used at construction of a qualitative well in soil like quarrystone, clay with crushed stone, the folding rock.

The reamer a mill with replaceable tangential (rotary) teeths is intended for drilling of breeds to 6 categories on a scale of Protodyakonov Ave. with inclusions of stronger breeds. It is especially effective when drilling non-uniform jointed fragile breeds, gravel and pebble breeds.

There is a possibility of delivery both an integral reamer "Mill", and a combined-folding reamer from sections which easily join with each other by means of conic carvings. The national team-folding the reamer is completed with a special key for connection of sections, the attached elements of the return cone and replaceable rotary cutters.

It should be noted that the equipment is also equipped with hard-alloy additions for protection against abrasive and mechanical wear that will allow it to serve rather long period of time with the minimum prices of maintenance.

If you were interested by our offer, on all questions address to our phone 8 (800) 700 22 61 or e-mail address info@tehnoprok .com

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