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Stack plate reamer Rock

Stack plate reamer Rock is the original development of TECHNOPROK-61 LLC, which has no analogues. The reamer’s body is made of stacking rings and has a significant number of seats for rocky rotary cutters. Replaceable rotary cutters are considered self-sharpening (they rotate during drilling) and remain operational much longer with easier destruction of the rock. The reamer is designed for drilling brittle, fractured rocks of up to 6 Protodyakonov hardness scale with stronger inclusions of gravel, pebbles, weak cobblestones. During operation, you need to monitor the condition of the replaceable cutters and replace them in time, because with significant wear of the cutter body, the seat may wear out as well. In this case, replacement of the cutters is impossible. The reamer has a significant mass, and when drilling in light soils, it can fall and change the well path. To reduce the price of the kit, the reamer can be equipped with modules of different diameters.

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