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  • Cutting-sealing reamers
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  • Pump-Mixing Systems
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About company


The production site based on which TECHNOPROK-61 LLC was established dates back to the distant 2000s. Over the years, we have developed from a small enterprise into a modern high-tech plant for the production of drilling tools and HDD equipment, able to successfully compete with the world's leading manufacturers.

Vladimir Kalinin, the company founder, previously headed the laboratory of drilling tools and equipment at the South Russian Technical University (SRSTU, now SRSPU (NPI) named after M.I. Platov), developed drilling tools for vertical and horizontal auger drilling used in various types of soil, and often went on field trips around the country to test and introduce them into production. Thanks to this, Vladimir Kalinin has extensive practical experience in drilling tools operation and industry problems. Vladimir, together with his colleagues in scientific work and management development specialists, has gone into a specific direction of development, namely HDD, since 2010 at the request of Rostov specialists, performing works by HDD method, from Donskoy Aluminum, director Mikhail Kutsyn, and SoyuzDonStroy, director Maxim Danilenko, companies. We didnt even notice how 10 years passed, and the trucks loaded with our tools drive in all directions of the Russian Federation, the CIS and partly of the countries of Europe and Africa. TECHNOPROK-61 became acquainted and began to cooperate with almost all companies performing HDD works and suppliers in this market segment. Within our development, we have accumulated a solid technical intellectual base, which includes many patents for useful inventions. In 2019, TECHNOPROK-61 LLC registered the TECHNOPROK trademark.

The use of innovative technologies of the XXI century, constant expansion of the product range are components of success of TECHNOPROK-61. Various trade companies eagerly cooperate with our company. They increasingly prefer our products to the American ones. Products of the TECHNOPROK brand are much cheaper, and the delivery time is shorter (many times!) and this factor is sometimes even more important than the price. As a result, the rate of growth of TECHNOPROK-61 LLC production volumes is about 20% per year. For example, by the end of 2019, we produced a large quantity of stack plate reamers of various designs and purposes with diameters from 150 to 1600 mm. Every day and a half, one of our customers in Russia or abroad receives a TECHNOPROK stack plate reamer.

TECHNOPROK-61 LLC has its own design, engineering and production facilities. Having the technical capabilities for cutting all types of threads, the company's specialists can make tools for almost any HDD machine. In general, TECHNOPROK-61 positions itself as a design and production enterprise. When analyzing the market and working conditions, we clearly understand what our clients need. Our company does not copy other companies tools each of our products has its own flavor. Over the recent years, we have been developing and introducing into the market new energy-saving tools and related technologies. The companys manufacturing engineers are true professionals in their field. Their work is a kind of aerobatics. The companys staff is also highly qualified, able to clearly implement all design ideas.

The team of TECHNOPROK-61 LLC expresses its sincere gratitude for the choice of our tools. By our activities, we develop consumers of drilling tools, and we ourselves develop together with you.