Manufacture and repair of drilling
equipment and tools for HDD
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  • Stack plate reamers
    Compaсt and Rhino
  • Cutting-sealing reamers
  • Cutting-sealing reamers
  • Reamers Mill
  • Stack plate reamer Kodiak
  • Rolling cutter
  • Pump-Mixing Systems
  • The cutting reamers
  • HDD breakout tong

Equipment of HDD

TECHNOPROK-61 LLC produces various tools for HDD, intended for drilling pilot hole, hole reaming and pulling a pipeline.

Our company guarantees the quality and reliability of our tools. Depending on your drilling conditions, we will produce the most productive tools for you.

Cutting reamer

Fluted and Rhino reamers

Turbo reamer

Stack plate reamer Rock

Stack plate reamer Kodiak

Hole opener Transformer

Stack plate reamers Compaсt and Rhino


Drill Bits

Transmitter Housings

Drill rods

Pump-Mixing Systems (PMS)

Starting bars, quick-detachable connections

HDD breakout tong

Transition adapters (spindles) for boring bars

Drilling head

Defence «Pancir»

Pipe destroyers

Advantages of horizontal drilling

Today's equipment for HDD has a set of advantages and allows:

  • lower material inputs;
  • save labor costs;
  • lower performance time of work;
  • ecologically does not influence on environment;
  • does not affect activity by a number of the located organizations.

Horizontal directional drilling by our installations guarantees safety, high reliability and efficiency of implementation of any tasks set by you.

HDD tools

In addition to essential elements of horizontal directional drilling: pumping delivery station, the HDD installations and the locational equipment – other different additional tools also are a part of a special equipment:

  • Reamers of HDD are the tools intended for creation of horizontal wells of different diameter. There are some types, and depending on soil they share on sealing and cutting;
  • Swivels without allowing transfer of rotation from a boring pipe on the tightened siphon, carry out one of the major functions in the course of horizontal directional drilling;
  • Transition adapters (spindles) for drill rods are applied to connection in one boring column of elements with different standards of threaded connections;
  • Boring blades are a necessary component for simplification of taxing, excavation of soil on a surface of a well and creation of an optimum angle of cutting of soil;
  • Pipe captures are used at fixation of PND of pipes with the swivel at a broach in a well;
  • The Pumping and Mixing Knot (PMK) is the equipment serving for preparation of drilling mud;
  • The boring heads, pilot bars serve for transfer of rotation and strengthening from installation HDD on well tools and deliver drilling mud to tools.
  • Drill rods are one of components of the drilling rig, representing a metal pipe with a thread.

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