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One of the leading elements of installation of horizontally directed drilling is the swivel. He acts as a connecting component between a boring column and lift system that does it by the most important mechanism of functioning of the drilling rig. Without allowing transfer of rotation from a boring pipe on the forced dyuker, the swivel carries out one of the major functions in the course of HDD.

Purpose of the swivel

The swivel is a docking link of hinged type which allows to hold a boring column that guarantees it free rotation in a well at drilling process.

During works the swivel  is between a reamer and the tightened pipe.

Depending on the carried-out functions distinguish some types of swivels:

Types of swivels

  • The power, applied at capital repair work at a final stage drillings. Carry out a communication connector role with a boring column. They also differ from each other on the effort maintaining them and as a connecting element. 
  • Flushing or bentonite, providing not only probability of rotation of pipes in case of repair work, but also supply of flushing liquid (boring solution) from the pump to a well face. They are classified by efforts, transmitted through their cases.
  • Operational, applied at underground repair work. Consist of the rotating trunk and the fixed case.

Design of swivels

Each similar tool consists of a hollow spindle, bearings and the case. The equipment body, in turn, has steel streamline casting which sharnirno connects to an earring and possesses two pockets for fastening shtrop. Some types of swivels have available branch with a flushing hose.

The main property of a structure of this device is lack of functionally independent knots.

Characteristics of swivels

The major features which this tool has to possess, are considered:

  • ability to maintain dynamic and static loadings on an axis;
  • long wear of a detail;
  • durability and reliability of a design;
  • uniform distribution of technical oil;
  • fast and convenient replacement of worn-out details and knots. 

Where to buy the swivel?

We make swivels as built in a reamer and cap with any connecting openings from 5 to 250 tons. 

To learn the price of the swivel contact our managers. They not only will help you with a choice, but also will answer all questions interesting you.

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