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ACUUS 2016 conference by eyes of the participant of an exhibition

ACUUS2016 — the world conference on questions of development of underground city space. We were interested by part of conference which concerned trenchless technologies. Together with conference there took place the exhibition of technologies and the equipment. We also participated in it about which I am — Ekaterina — will tell you.

My notes will interest those who only reflects on participation in exhibitions, I will describe what mistakes we made, on what it is worth paying attention in preparation.

At the end I will tell about the current situation of the HDD market and prospect of development according to the point of view mister AI Breydburd, president of The International Association of Specialists for Horizontal directional drilling (IAS HDD). 

Why we went to an exhibition

In my understanding participation at exhibitions is a search of new clients, partners in the sphere of GNB, strengthening of the relations with the current clients. These goals we would like to achieve.

ACUUS takes place one time in two years in the different countries of the world, this year it was in St. Petersburg. It was a decisive factor of participation after the invitation came. I am the representative of our company in St. Petersburg and I live right there. Therefore, expenses on flight, accommodation and transportation of the equipment are absent.

For an exhibition we use 7 explorers, the big areas it is not required. Give us a chair, a little table and to put our logotype — to us will be enough and we will be happy. Organizers met halfway and found space 4м2. Because of economy reasons cost of participation of an exhibition depends on the area of the room.

As a result: the budgetary participation at a global exhibition. Running forward, I will tell, that at an exhibition there were 600 participants from 30 countries and on opening there came the mayor of St. Petersburg.

Neighbors in an exhibition

At an exhibition metrostroitel, the subway, underground builders New Gruad, producers of conveyor systems of NPO Akonit, magazines of a construction orientation and producers of GNB of the equipment of MEMPEKS and Tekhnoprok participated. Let's dwell about colleagues on drilling equipment.

The MEMPEX company — producers of cars for trenchless technologies in Belarus.

Tekhnoprok— the producer of the equipment: reamers, swivels, boring heads, HDD bars. I am, what a pity, did not photograph their stand. (upd: Thanks to Stanislav, who kindly sent me the photo of their stand.)

Magazine THE HUNDRED. At the stand of the magazine new numbers are exposed. And in one of the newest of them Alexander Leonidovich, our director, told about features of use of locational systems of HDD in the conditions of the city.  About active and passive hindrances influence and ways to overcome them he will tell about it separately in other new article with detailed recommendations. 

What mistakes we made

Not really serious mistake: to participate in the international exhibition without distributing material in English. As I already told, at an exhibition there were 30 countries. Not everyone knows Russian. I was prepared for it not to get confused in names, read technical literature in English. But brochures about repair of a location, about the modernized probes took only in Russian. Offensively, but it is not deadly — we in a day improved: translated the text, corrected in design, ran to printing house. Next day exhibitions I already distributed brochures in English.

More serious mistake: not to estimate potential audience. The exhibition was attended only by conferees, who were paid the registration contribution. There were companies interested in underground construction but very few people work with HDD. Conferees attended an exhibition in the first day, during the first hours, someone in the second day. In the third day was "desert".

Conference on trenchless technologies interested in current state of the HDD market

It is not enough visitors of an exhibition for the third day, but descended on conference, just for the third day the section about HDD — «Trenchless technologies and a role underground engineering communications at complex development of underground space of the cities» began. I will tell about several speakers.

Subject: Formation of a new profession - the operator HDD (the professional standard and its introduction)

Nadezhda Prokofyevna from association of association of builders of Russia told that they together with The International Association of Specialists for Horizontal directional drilling developed standards for the operator HDD. If earlier labor legislation did not regulate professional skills of the operator HDD, since July 1, 2016 obligatory application of standards entered. The document is approved by the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Russia.

Also in development are another 2 documents:

  • designer,
  • the specialist in construction with application of trenchless technologies.

IAS HDD is the only organization allocated with the status on qualification estimates. Already there are estimated means — examples of tasks and criteria of an assessment.

Subject: Specific opportunities of the GNB technology. Non-standard design decisions and features their practical realization in the conditions of dense city building.

Roman Nikolaevich marked out the features of the HDD technology at construction of networks in the city allowing to realize those tasks of trenchless construction which are unattainable for different ways of trenchless laying:

The equipment settles down on the earth and works without starting ditches.

Length of a continuous trenchless interval reaches one hundred meters with a diameter to 1000 mm.

In one trenchless interval change of a trajectory both on depth, and in the plan is possible.

The designers and builders applying the HDD technology face that available technical corridors for HDD are narrowest and saturated engineering networks and constructions. It demands non-standard approaches for implementation of the tasks.

Roman Nikolaevich, offered four options of punctures of HDD with a limited width of a technological corridor:

  • in parallel,
  • vertical level,
  • in parallel and vertical level,
  • in chessboard order.

These methods will help to realize tasks of laying of wells in the conditions of the city where other methods will not consult.

Final report «Current state of the Russian HDD market. Problems, not resolved issues and ways of their decision»

The final report, was remembered as a section result.

Unfortunately, the condition of the HDD market in Russia depends on an economic condition of the country. The equipment is practically not made in the Russian Federation and purchase depends on dollar rate.

Alexander Breydburd shipped us in history. In 1971 the HDD technology was born in the USA and only in 1994 came to Russia. Till 2014 the Russian Federation market actively developed and was up to standard on the equipment and materials. But development was slowed down.

If before HDD was in race, now, with delay, there was time to look back, to be reconstructed and be prepared. It concerns professional development of shots. As I described earlier, new estimates of quality of operators HDD are entered.

Assessment of the HDD market on technical condition of cars

The first parameter — on effort of draft of three types: «pass», «midi» and «maxi».

                HDD complexes

The second parameter — on age of the HDD complexes. The park grows old, the quantity of the HDD complexes is younger than 2 years decreases:

  • 29,8% in 2008,
  • 15% in 2011,
  • 9% in 2014,
  • 2% in 2015.

Thus, it should be noted that installations work both on 20 and for 25 years, depends on the producer and service.

                                    Share of new HDD  installations 

Amount of HDD installations, which younger 2 years

Domestic installations are practically not present

Let's reflect, on what cars we work? While we actively developed and bought cars, we did not make own installations. And here in China made and today 23% of our park are installations from China. Their quality grows every year, but nevertheless there is a difference with the leading leaders of Vermeer, DitchWitch, Universal, and their share of 66% of all market. In the next years the situation will not change.

There are Prospects of development

Look at difficult soil, rocky breeds or a polar region. Money is there, and here the share of the working HDD of installations is small:

  • in difficult soil — 5%,
  • in a polar region — 3%.

It is necessary to improve skills and to go to more difficult soil and thus more monetary.

Materials of pipes in HDD

Interesting comparison of application of pipes in the Russian production and American. We use simpler material for laying.

                      Materials of Pipes

                              Steel        Polyethylene           P.V.C.              Cast iron

Dispersion of the prices in 516%

In IAS HDD conducted research of the prices of similar works at the different organizations. Received dispersion of the prices in 516%.

In crisis recession of development of HDD, not standardized functions, dispersion of the prices — all this signs of the uncoordinated market. Small players can leave from the market, playing a dumping and depreciating services, but it is a subject of separate conversation. Organizers of IAS HDD began preparation for regulation of the HDD market. 2 documents are already developed:

  • designer,
  • the specialist in construction with application of trenchless technologies.

Finish the set of rules, in my opinion the most important, quotations at the federal level.

And 4 more speakers

In section about trenchless technologies also other speakers acted:

Reimond Sterlig, the honour member of ACUUS, Technical university of Louisiana, the USA with the report «Studying of a running cycle rehabilitation lines self-flowing sewerages in North America»,

Ke-Jian SHOU, National University Chyang Shin, Taivan with the report «Effects of increase in diameter and a holding strap when laying the pipeline by a breakdown method».

Stanislav Cherkashin, JSC «LTK Svobodnyi sokol», Russia with the report «Application of pipes from high-strength cast iron in HDD equipment in the course of construction and reconstruction of systems of water supply and the sewerage».

Dmitry Eremenko, HOBAS, Russia with the report «Features of technical regulation in Russia, its value for trenchless construction».

On closing of conference promised to lay out reports in a free access. As they will appear, I will add references to materials.


Estimate correctly scope of an exhibition and its visitors. Prepare not less, than in four months: stand, brochures, tickets, housing. Squeeze out a maximum =)

The HDD market is waited by «reset», fast rates of development of park of cars stopped and replaced with professional development of operators HDD. Maybe at the beginning of personally you will not concern, but over time passing of qualification will be the standard as the doctor has to have education not to do much harm to the patient, and the operator has to have qualification not to do much harm to underground communications.

Clients spoke to us about reduction of prices for one meter of a puncture as result of a rigid dumping of competitors more than once. Intention of IAS HDD to prepare quotations has to stabilize a situation.

P.S. When to introduce the standardized prices and obligatory certification of the operator HDD — a question is interesting and still open.


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